2014 Training Schedule Released

The 2014 Training Schedule Available & Ready for Registrations!
Growing to over 60 locations across the US, Fire-Lite’s Training Academies cover the elements of basic fire alarm systems through advanced programming of Fire-Lite systems. Courses are formatted to help you grow in the fire business by offering hands-on training provided by NICET certified trainers as well as CEU credits upon course completion. Visit the Training section of the website for more details on the different Academies available.

IP Communication Saves Schools $, Boosts Reliability Manager’s Choice

Assorted Fire Alarm Systems throughout 144 Georgia School Buildings Transmit Alarms Over IP at No Cost, Continuous IP Line Tests Increase Reliability

Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) offers an IP (Internet Protocol) Communicator that has enabled Georgia’s DeKalb Country School District to avoid thousands of dollars in fire alarm transmission fees for its 144 buildings. As for the upgrade to utilizing its existing IP lines for fire alarm reporting, the school district surmised the cost to be half that of replacing its current radio system. An improvement in overall reliability was obtained too, with testing of communication lines to the central stations increasing from once a day to every 30 to 90 seconds.

Until recently, these 144 buildings in DeKalb County School District relied on a conventional, two-way, proprietary radio system for fire alarm communications. Changes in radio frequency requirements implemented by the Federal Communications Commission led the district to seek out an alternative to replacing all radio transmitters.




About the Author:
Beth Welch is the Manager of Public Relations for Honeywell Fire Systems. For a decade, she has strived to raise awareness of new technologies, industry trends and information, for the benefit of engineers, integrators and end users.


Webinar: November 19 – ECC – Versatile Solution for Your Application

In the “ECC Technical Overview” webinar, we covered an overview of MNS and the Fire-Lite ECC components. In this webinar, we will take it one step further and cover basic voice system design and layout with real examples of where ECC is being used today!

November 19th @ 11 am to 12 pm (Eastern Time)
Presented by: Richard Conner, Marketing Director for Fire-Lite Alarms
Click here to register for the Nov 19th Webinar