Any Time. Any Where. – Secure Access to Live Messaging with the RTZM Module

NEW! The Remote Telephone Zone Module (ECC-RTZM) allows for secure access to the Award winning Emergency Command Center (ECC-50/100) panel via cell phone or a remote telephone means. An authorized personnel can broadcast live message or prerecorded messages over selected speaker zone(s) on the ECC-50/100 panel by calling into the ECC-RTZM and initiating events.

ECC-RTZM Features and Benefits

  • Allows for secure and remote activation of the ECC-50/100 panel.
  • Accessible from any land line or cellular phone.
  • Live messaging or pre-programmed messages can be activated.
  • Allows for all call or Selective Zone activation.
  • Provides password based authentication for limited access and security.

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About the Author:
Bill Brosig is a Product Manager for Fire-Lite Alarms and Honeywell Power with more than 25 years in the Life Safety business and a NICET IV certification. Bill focuses on the customer experience surrounding current offerings and new product applications.

Right Message at the Right Time – Personalized Voice Messaging with the Emergency Command Center (ECC)

Providing the right message at the right time is a critical purpose of an Emergency Communications System (ECS). Fire-Lite Alarms’ Emergency Command Center (ECC) ensures this by providing pre-loaded, pre-recorded messages in every unit. If the messages do not apply to your application, simply change them by choosing from our library of pre-recorded messages or by recording your own. Recording your own messages might be a preferred option for applications such as schools. Hearing a principal’s voice may be a nice alternative for young students during an emergency. Whichever method works for best for you, the ECC will provide the right message at the right time!

For more information on the Emergency Command Center, visit the product page.

Emergency Command Center Sell Sheet


About the Author:
Elizabeth Richards is the Manager of Communications for Fire-Lite Alarms, Honeywell Power and Silent Knight’s IntelliKnight line. Liz joined Honeywell Fire Systems in 2003 and is responsible for the communications, collateral, messaging, and events for all three brands.

Introducing the NEW HP1205UL and HP1210UL DC Video Series Power Supplies

Honeywell Power is pleased to introduce our new line of cost effective DC Video power supplies.
Our 12VDC supplies are engineered to provide the right power when you need it to meet the needs of your installation. They
provide a total of 5.5 amps or 11 amps of total power dependent on model. Four, eight or sixteen class 2 rated output circuits are used to distribute power to multiple cameras within a building. Built-in features include removable terminal blocks and individual diagnostic LEDs for quick installation and troubleshooting. Individual electronic circuit protection is able to detect a short condition and immediately remove power from that circuit. When a short condition is removed, the power is automatically restored to the circuit without having to reset the AC power mains. Select models include built-in battery backup and a charger for installations that require maximum survivability. Our power supplies are mounted in sturdy black enclosures and include a three conductor AC line cord for a quick connection to AC line voltage. These supplies are agency approved with UL and CUL listings.

For more information including datasheets and manuals please visit Honeywell Power.

About the Author:
Ken Gentile is a Product Manager for Fire-Lite Alarms and Honeywell Power. Using his more than 15 years of marketing and engineering experience, Ken’s primary focus lies in the development of new products.