Less Wire and Fewer Battery Changes

SWIFT™ Wireless is now UL listed for a two year battery life! This is twice as long as the previous one year battery life listing. This is an exciting improvement for SWIFT™ Wireless as less batteries equals less service time and costs for you; therefore, making wireless a more competitive solution. In addition, replacing batteries during the annual service allows you to plan for the service versus unscheduled visits. If the service is missed, the Fire-Lite fire alarm control panel will provide an indication before the batteries need to be replaced.

When the time comes to replace the batteries, rest assured it’s easy to do. The CR123A or DL123A batteries are widely available and the process is quick:

  1.   Have 4 CR123A (or DL123A) batteries available.
  2.   The system allows 200 seconds to replace the batteries before the device is noted as missing and will activate the Rescue Mode within the wireless system.
  3.   Remove the detector from the base. Remove the faceplate from the module.
  4.   Open the battery compartment.
  5.   Remove the used batteries and replace with new batteries. The battery compartment is designed such that the batteries can only align in the appropriate direction.
  6.   Replace the battery compartment cover.
  7.   Return the device to its original location (if detector). Replace the faceplate (if module).


SWIFT™ Wireless has been used in a number of installations to protect people and property. To learn more about how SWIFT™ works, check out our product videos.



About the Author
Richard Conner is the Director of Marketing for Fire-Lite Alarms, Silent Knight and Honeywell Power. Richard joined Honeywell in 2002 and has over 15 years of experience in the fire alarm industry in Marketing, Engineering, and Product Support positions. Richard is responsible for developing brand strategy and marketing programs for all brands.

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