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Get that Monitoring Job! – Monitoring Assorted Fire Alarm Panels Via IP

You’ve probably used the UL-listed FireWatch series of IP communicators on existing and new Fire-Lite Alarms control panels, but what do you do when faced with a fire alarm control panel that’s not UL-listed with the Firewatch IP communicator?

If upgrading the panel is not an option, get your foot in the door by illustrating the savings you can provide that facility via IP monitoring. How can it be done? The answer is to put in an IP communicator that monitors the alarm relay contacts. This will save the customer the cost of two business telephone lines.

How it’s Done
So how do you do this? Simply obtain an HP300ULX power supply and install an IPDACT and a 411UD slave dialer inside. (Note: UL does not permit powering the devices off the competitive fire panel.)
1. Place the HP300ULX next to the competitive fire panel and provide a short section of conduit between the two panels.
2. Connect the 411UD inputs to the alarm, trouble and supervisory relay contacts on the competitive panel.
3. Use the bracket (PN: IPBRKT) to mount the IPDACT inside the HP300ULX.
4. Connect the two 411UD dialer outputs to the IPDACT. (Use PN:IPSPLIT)
5. Lastly, it is required to monitor and report the power supply trouble contacts. Connect the HP300ULX battery/trouble relay to the Input 1 on the IPDACT.

Make sure your central station has this programmed as a Contact-ID 311 battery missing/trouble instead of the default Fire Alarm 110.

This is a fully UL 864 compliant installation. For wiring instructions and complete directions, see Product Installation Document 53190.pdf.

Benefits to Building Owners
The average monthly cost of a business line can be $40, $50, $60 or more per month. Double this to meet the requirement for two lines and a building owner can pay $100+ per month, equaling $1,200+ per year that could be saved with IP fire alarm communication. The savings on the telephone lines in just one year could very well convince the customer to put in the new panel next year or at the least, pay for the installation of the new communicator and get you a new monitored account.


About the Author:
Nick Martello is the owner of Martello Consulting and currently serves as the USA Tier Three technical representative for the Teldat Corporation. Prior to forming Martello Consulting, Nick served as marketing director for both the NOTIFIER and Fire-Lite Alarms businesses.