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Right Size at the Right Price

Do you know about the MS-25?
Cost Effective 25 Point Addressable Fire Panel

Today, many fast foods restaurants, small retail and office buildings are renovating their buildings. In the process of renovating the building some are updating from the traditional conventional fire alarm control panel to a small addressable fire alarm control panel.
Fire-Lite Alarms has an addressable system worth serious consideration for applications where two to five zone conventional fire alarm systems traditionally are used. The MS-25 introduces a feature set that is new to this segment: pin-point identification of alarms and troubles, false alarm prevention via detector drift compensation and automatic maintenance alerts. Real installer benefits such as easy code-wheel addressed detectors; a “JumpStart” programming feature and a built-in programming browser make system commissioning a definite time-saver. In addition to supporting any combination of addressable detectors and modules, along with the manual pull station, this system also utilizes a single loop of standard wire for real cost-savings.

Another enhancement for the MS-25 is Remote Annunciator connectivity. The annunciator is a compact, backlit, LCD remote annunciator and provides system status for AC Power, Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory and Alarm Silenced conditions.

With these enhancements and the savings of a single SLC replacing multi-zoned wiring, this small addressable system is worth serious consideration. It’s the right-sized panel, giving “Addressable” benefits at a low Conventional panel cost.

Finally, Fire-Lite Alarms is here to help you in your endeavor. Fire-Lite Alarms has 60 years in the business, is the leader in non-proprietary, and has great tools to help you learn about the products. Visit our website to learn more about MS-25.


About the Author
Bill Brosig is a Channel Product Manager for Fire-Lite Alarms, Silent Knight and Honeywell Power with more than 25 years in the Life Safety business and a NICET IV certification. Bill focuses on the customer experience surrounding current offerings and new product applications.