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Spotlight on Software: Lite-Configurator Now Supports SWIFT™ Wireless

Lite-Configurator is an easy to use FREE program that allows you to configure a bill of materials for Fire-Lite’s addressable and conventional control panels. The Lite-Configurator tool Version 2.6.2 has been updated to include the new SWIFT™ Wireless addressable devices. In addition to SWIFT™ Wireless support, we have improved the support for low frequency by updating the B200SR-LF Low Frequency Sounder Base and the new ISO-6 Six Fault Isolator Module.

With the Lite-Configurator tool, you can:

  • Create a bill of material for addressable and conventional control panels
  • Select and edit parts from the parts catalog
  • Generate a formatted report with a customized header from your bill of materials
  • Export your bill of materials to MS Excel or MS Access
  • Create a full set of battery calculations based on your configuration
  • Print data sheets from the Bill of Materials screen.

To get started with the latest version of Lite-Configurator, click here to download the software.

Visit our website to learn more about Windows®-based software tools designed to assist Fire-Lite customers in the day-to-day business of selling and supporting fire alarm systems.


About the Author
George Goral is a NICET Level II Fire Products Application Specialist for Honeywell Fire Safety. He has 8 years of experience in technical support of fire alarm control panels including software support and the new SWIFT Wireless product line.

What is an Isolator Module for an SLC Loop?

An Isolator Module automatically isolates wire-to-wire short circuits on a signaling line circuit (SLC) loop. The isolator module also limits the number of modules or detectors that may be rendered inoperative by a short circuit fault on the SLC Loop. If a wire-to-wire short occurs, the isolator module automatically creates and open-circuit (disconnect) the SLC loop. When the short circuit condition is corrected, the isolator module automatically reconnects the isolated section of the SLC loop.

NFPA 72, 2013 Edition, Chapter 23: Protected premises fire alarm systems a requirement was added in paragraph 23.6.1 that limits the maximum number of addressable devices (50) that can be out of service due to a single fault on a pathway. This will require more diligence in system layout and the potential use of isolation modules to limit the number of devices that could be affected by a single fault.

Fire-Lite Alarms offers I300 module (one circuit) and newly rISO-6 Moduleeleased ISO-6 Six Isolator Module (six circuits). The I300 and ISO-6 Fault Isolator Module is used with Fire-Lite’s addressable fire alarm control panels (FACPs) to protect the system against wire-to-wire short circuits on the SLC loop.

Don’t forget, Fire-Lite Alarms is here to help you in your endeavor! Fire-Lite Alarms has 60 years in the business, is the leader in non-proprietary, and has great tools to help you learn about the products. Visit our website to learn more about I300 module and newly released ISO-6 Six Isolator Module.

*In Canada?  You can check out the ISO-6A model!


About the Author
Bill Brosig is a Channel Product Manager for Fire-Lite Alarms, Silent Knight and Honeywell Power with more than 25 years in the Life Safety business and a NICET IV certification. Bill focuses on the customer experience surrounding current offerings and new product applications.