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Spotlight on Software: Lite-Configurator Now Supports SWIFT™ Wireless

Lite-Configurator is an easy to use FREE program that allows you to configure a bill of materials for Fire-Lite’s addressable and conventional control panels. The Lite-Configurator tool Version 2.6.2 has been updated to include the new SWIFT™ Wireless addressable devices. In addition to SWIFT™ Wireless support, we have improved the support for low frequency by updating the B200SR-LF Low Frequency Sounder Base and the new ISO-6 Six Fault Isolator Module.

With the Lite-Configurator tool, you can:

  • Create a bill of material for addressable and conventional control panels
  • Select and edit parts from the parts catalog
  • Generate a formatted report with a customized header from your bill of materials
  • Export your bill of materials to MS Excel or MS Access
  • Create a full set of battery calculations based on your configuration
  • Print data sheets from the Bill of Materials screen.

To get started with the latest version of Lite-Configurator, click here to download the software.

Visit our website to learn more about Windows®-based software tools designed to assist Fire-Lite customers in the day-to-day business of selling and supporting fire alarm systems.


About the Author
George Goral is a NICET Level II Fire Products Application Specialist for Honeywell Fire Safety. He has 8 years of experience in technical support of fire alarm control panels including software support and the new SWIFT Wireless product line.

Transform the Fire Panel to Meet Your Power Requirements

Since there is no such thing as a typical Fire Alarm System installation, trying to plan for every possible scenario can be difficult. Sometimes one of the more complex tasks can be trying to assess the amount of power required for a job. Even though there are many free tools offered to make this easier (such as Fire-Lite’s Lite-Configurator software) it still does not eliminate the possibility of more horn strobes or other devices being required at the end of the job. This could be a result of insufficient audibility / visibility or conflicting interpretations of the code.

This scenario can run the risk of delaying a project and pose a risk to the budget if the fire alarm control panel does not have available power to support the additional devices. In this case, the installer may need to add a NAC extender power supply. The equipment coupled with the additional labor poses a challenge to meeting the original budget.

To solve this problem, fire panel manufacturers have already recognized the need for expandable power to help insta??????????llers plan for the unexpected. Fire Alarm solutions, such as Fire-Lite Alarms MS-9200UDLS, provide expandable power options for installations where more devices might be required. If more power is required, upgrading the panel from 3 Amps to 6 Amps is as simple installing the XRM-24B accessory into the panel. If 6 amps of panel power is still not enough, Fire-Lite Alarms offers a variety of NAC Extender power supplies such as the FCPS-24FS6, 6 Amp power supply to meet the needs of every job’s power requirements.


About the Author
Ken Gentile is a Product Manager for Fire-Lite Alarms and Honeywell Power. Using his more than 15 years of marketing and engineering experience, Ken’s primary focus lies in the development of new products.



Spotlight on Software: Lite-Configurator

Fire-Lite’s Lite-Configurator software is a multi-faceted tool created to help you work smarter and faster!

  • Lite-Configurator can recommend a panel and help with configurations based on your requirements (Addressable, Conventional, Suppression, or Voice) using the Panel Selection Wizard.
  • As you select your devices, detectors, modules, etc…, the software will build a running Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • As you add the A\V devices, you will need to specify the Candela rating for Strobes and Wattage for Speakers. Lite-Configurator will keep a running total of panel\circuit usage, along with the current draw for each device. The tool will also prevent you from overloading a circuit by displaying the warning below.

LiteConfig Screen Shot

When the configuration is complete you can generate a Bill of Materials (BOM) complete with links to individual data sheets and battery calculations. The BOM could be used in your submittal or taken to your preferred security dealer so you get everything needed to complete the project.

If you have any questions on this software or any other tool offered by Fire-Lite Alarms, our Technical Service Department is available 8 am to 7 pm Eastern to help.

Visit the Tools Page on firelite.com for more information and download instructions.


About the Author
Jason Knowlton is a NICET Level II Technical Support Team Leader for Honeywell Fire Systems. He has over 12 years of experience in technical support of fire alarm systems and is the technical lead for all IP based Honeywell fire products and solutions.

Updated Tools for Lite-Connect

Fire-Lite Alarms recently announced a new way of connecting multiple buildings for consolidated central station communications, called Lite-Connect. Lite-Connect uses fiber-optic technology to connect Fire-Lite fire alarm control panels together and allows a “main” panel to become the communicator for the complete system.

Along with this new exciting product, the Fire-Lite Tools have been updated:

If you would like more information regarding Lite-Connect, feel free to listen to the recording of the Lite-Connect Webinar and check out our website.


About the Author
Richard Conner is the Director of Marketing for Fire-Lite Alarms, Silent Knight and Honeywell Power. Richard joined Honeywell in 2002 and has over 15 years of experience in the fire alarm industry in Marketing, Engineering, and Product Support positions. Richard is responsible for developing brand strategy and marketing programs for all brands.

Toolbox for Your Business

Free tools for creating a better experience!

If you didn’t already know, Fire-Lite Alarms offers a bunch of resources to help you have a better experience with the panels, make installations easier, and also get your job up and running faster. When there’s something that will help me get my job done faster and easier, then I’m all in!

Here’s a rough outline of Fire-Lite’s assorted, free tools – all available for download here. We invite you to ask questions & comment on them!

Lite-Specs – Created to help you spec a job and win!
Usually you’re bidding on jobs with a specific panel in mind. You have the details from the site owner/site contractor. Now you need to build a spec that will give you a heads up over your competition. Lite-Spec allows you to create custom specifications for Fire-Lite conventional and addressable control panels. Great tool for Fire Alarm Specifiers, Architects and Design Engineers!

Lite-Configurator – A shopping list for your fire project!
Lite-Configurator takes all the parts and pieces you need for the project, compiles everything, and creates your BOM (bill of materials). The BOM could be used in your submittal or taken to your preferred security dealer so you get everything needed to complete the project. Great tool for Sales, Estimators, Design Engineers and Purchasers!

Battery-Calcs – Calculations Galore!
This is an easy-to-use excel format table that calculates current draws needed for your system. Perfect for job submittals, Fire-Lite’s Battery Calcs tool allows you to select the number of devices and determine the recommended battery to use for that job. Great tool for Design Engineers and Installers!

Lite-Calcs – Don’t overload your panels!
Congrats! You won the job, but now you have to work on the minute details so you don’t blow a panel during the install! Lite-Calcs software helps keep installers and designers exact in their calculations of voltage drops for fire alarm panels. Great tool for Design Engineers and Installers!

Lite-Label – Time to make the labels!
Maybe it’s a little OCD of me but I love labeling things! It makes me feel organized even if it’s just labeled “stuff”. Lite-Label lets you create slide-in labels for annunciators, expanders, CPUs, dress panels, and modules. Don’t forget about older panels too! If a first-responder comes to the building and the existing labels are yellowed or illegible (or even missing!), it’s time to whip up new labels using Lite-Label. Great tool for Design Engineers and Installers!

Our Technical Service Department is available 8 am to 7 pm Eastern to take your calls and assist with the tools too!

Visit the Tools Page on firelite.com for more information and download instructions.

About the Author
Elizabeth Richards is the Manager of Communications for Fire-Lite Alarms, Honeywell Power and Silent Knight. Liz joined Honeywell Fire Systems in 2003 and is responsible for the communications, collateral, messaging, and events for all three brands.

Special thanks to Bill Brosig who took the time to explain these tools in language a “non-Fire” person can understand!

About the Contributor:
Bill Brosig is a Product Manager with more than 25 years in the Life Safety business and a NICET IV certification. Bill focuses on the customer experience surrounding current offerings and new product applications.