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Spotlight on SWIFT Wireless: Retrieving Site Survey Data using the SWIFT Tools Software

In my previous blog, we learned that the SWIFT Wireless Site Survey results can be determined visually by the LED color and blink pattern. What if more detailed results are required? SWIFT Tools can provide these results!

After completion of the Link Test and or RF Scan the devices used for the test must be brought within 20’ of the PC with the USB adaptor running SWIFT Tools and removed from the bases.

From the main screen choose Site Survey:Site Survey Image 1 From the Communicator window select the devices that you want to retrieve data from, and click “Retrieve Data”:Site Survey Image 2

When the “Progress Status” shows Data Retrieved, click the “Next” button:Site Survey Image 3

The basic informative is displayed for the 3 categories, with a “Detailed View”for each and the option to “Export to Excel”:Site Survey Image 4

Detail View – Link Quality
Shows one excellent link  between detectors 101 and 102.Site Survey Image 5

Detail View – Channel Availability
Shows no problems, during test period (1 hr.) Site Survey Image 6

Detail View – Background Noise
Shows no problems, during test period (1 hr.) Site Survey Image 7

If you would like more information on SWIFT Wireless products, please visit www.firelitewireless.com.

Have questions?  Give Tech Support a call: 800-627-3473


About the Author
George Goral is a NICET Level II Fire Products Application Specialist for Honeywell Fire Safety. He has 8 years of experience in technical support of fire alarm control panels including software support and the new SWIFT Wireless product line.

PDF of Blog: Spotlight on SWIFT Wireless – Retrieving Site Survey Data using the SWIFT Tools Software

Extending Fire Alarm Capabilities through Wireless Technology

Every year brings exciting new innovations to the fire alarm industry, each gradually expanding the possibilities and improving the effectiveness of the technology we work with every day. In 2014, Fire-Lite Alarms introduced an easy and more flexible way to connect fire alarms with Lite-Connect, a multi-building fiber solution. Now, we’re bringing even more flexibility to commercial fire alarm installs with a new line of wireless fire sensing devices: the Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology (SWIFT) detectors and modules.

Less is More
For fire alarm installers, less wire means more opportunities. SWIFT detectors and modules are designed to significantly extend the capabilities and range of our fire alarm systems, giving you more flexibility in any environment, including challenging or high-cost installations and building expansions. Cost-savings is another benefit of incorporating wireless devices into a new system: Wireless technology reduces the cost of running wire through concrete walls and ceilings or areas where materials such as asbestos are a concern. Wireless also benefits the numerous installations where mounting detectors is extremely challenging, such as in historic buildings, museums, warehouses, parking garages or any facility with concrete walls.

The SWIFT devices seamlessly integrate with new and existing fire alarm systems from Fire-Lite Alarms. In fact, the wireless devices work just like their wired counterparts, except they leverage a Class A, mesh network to communicate. This means that every device acts as a repeater with redundant path communication, ensuring reliable communication and enabling installers to significantly extend the range of the system over point-to-point alternatives.

With SWIFT devices, once a mesh network is formed, a restructuring automatically occurs to find alternate paths within the network. Each SWIFT network uses unique mesh IDs to prevent miscommunication with other devices, and inherent frequency hopping prevents system interference.

The new SWIFT product line includes photoelectric, photo/thermal, standard heat, and rate-of-rise heat detectors, plus a monitor module, wireless gateway and wireless USB dongle for use with SWIFT Tools. SWIFT Tools is our new Windows PC-based utility for site evaluation, system configuration and diagnostics. A system can use any combination of up to 48 SWIFT devices per wireless gateway and up to four gateways can be installed to expand the system even further.

Learn More
Our most recent webinar, “Expand Your Fire Alarm Opportunities with Wireless,” delves deeper into the possibilities of the SWIFT line of wireless devices. To download a copy of the presentation or watch at your own pace, please click here. To view the entire line-up of SWIFT devices, visit the Fire-Lite website.


About the Author
Elizabeth Richards is the Manager of Communications for the SED Channel – Fire-Lite Alarms, Honeywell Power, and Silent Knight. Liz joined Honeywell Fire Systems in 2003 and is responsible for the communications, collateral, messaging, and events for all three brands.