Technical Support

If you should have a problem installing any Fire-Lite product, please contact Technical Service.
Technical Service Hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00AM – 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time

Contact Technical Support:
Phone:     1-800-627-3473 to speak to a technician

Canada Technical Support
Phone:     1-800-778-9958

If Technical Services directs you to return the product, download and complete the RMA Request form.  Provide as much detail about the problem as you can, and be sure to include the technical support ticket number on the request.  Please place the completed form in the carton with the product and return it to your place of purchase.

Visit the full website to download the RMA Repair Form or the RMA Warranty Request and Restock Form


7 thoughts on “Technical Support”

    1. If referring to panel programming of an addressable panel, point programming defines the types of addressable devices that are used in the system. Zone programming allows specific input devices to be mapped to activate specific output devices.

      If referring to central station reporting, point reporting provides the specific device information that is reporting an event (alarm, trouble, etc). Zone reporting is less specific and reports a group of predefined devices as a single zone. Point reporting is preferred when detailed location information is needed for a proper response by first responders.

  1. Remote tech support would be really nice for fixing computer problems. Especially if you don’t live anywhere close to a computer repair shop. And having someone come all the way out to your house would just take them way too long. And, you would have to pay them for their time and travel. When you need tech support, you need it.

  2. Yes, we agree that remote or arranged tech support is pretty cool, here’s what we’ve done at Honeywell for Firelite:

    Pre-arranged after hours Technical Support:
    Fire-Lite Technical Support business hours are Monday – Friday 8 am to 7 pm EST. For customers who need to speak with a factory tech after regular business hours or on weekends, we can pre-arrange a time with you when live phone support can be available. Click here (link to email address here subject: After Hours Support Request) to provide the details of your support request and to schedule your appointment with one of our NICET certified technicians. We request 12 hours notice to respond to your message.

  3. I have a client with several Honeywell TC847A1004 Addressable Beam Detectors. Because of a facility standardization from their corporate HQ the client has asked us to install a Firelite MS-9050 or 9200 addressable.
    Will the TC847A1004 beam detectors function properly on the Firelite SLC loop or do I need to replace theses units along with the panel.

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